my publishing schedule: missing/late posts recently

My intention is to publish each day from Sunday through Friday.  I normally write my post the night before and set WordPress to publish automatically around 5am, New York time on the following day.  Sometimes, though, I write the morning of and publish immediately.

That hasn’t happened over the past several weeks.  Early one morning, a fire in a generator in our small town took down the internet for an entire day.  Also, on two occasions I hit the Publish button and went on to other things–only to find the next day that my post was still a(n unpublished) draft.  I’m not sure whether the problem was with WordPress or with me, but I now know I’ve got to double-check the publishing process.

Anyway, power failures, tornadoes or other disasters aside, I think I’ve got the issue under control.  So be sure to keep reserving that special spot in your day for reading my blog.  It’ll be there.

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