Employment Situation, October 2015

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, part of the Labor Department, issued its monthly Employment Situation report for October this morning at 8:30 est.

After two below-trend reported jobs gains in August and September, the October figures were very much above trend, at a gain of +271,000 net new jobs.  Revisions to the prior two months were mildly positive, at a total of +12,000, but didn’t change the general picture of shifting into a lower economic gear painted by those ES reports.

The main significance of the October report, I think, is to reaffirm the health of the economy and to remove any hesitation the Fed might have had about raising interest rates slightly next month.

In futures trading, Wall Street is so far taking a ho-hum attitude to this news.  S&P futures have declined by about a quarter of a precent from where they were before the announcement.


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