thinking back to 1968

My first duty station in the Army was Fort Carson, in Colorado Springs, CO. On my first day, an old sergeant took me under his wing (he must have been 28 or 30). Of the many things he told me back then I remember the most vividly how proud he was to be an infantryman–because, he said, the Army was the only place in America where a man of color like himself would be judged by his skills rather than by the color of his skin.

He’d be long since retired by now, assuming he survived fighting America’s wars. I can only imagine how appalled and betrayed he would feel to see that our commander-in-chief is centering his reelection campaign on white racism.

I think Doc Rivers sums it up:

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  1. Let’s hope we are bumping along the bottom and our civil discourse / politics improve from here. Our current direction is reminiscent of the Weimar Republic.

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