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It’s my birthday and I’m doing birthday things today. If I weren’t I’d be starting to work on my portfolio in two ways:

–I’ve got about a 3/4 – 1/4 split between tech-oriented secular growth exposure and (the 1/4) near-term economic growth names, mostly in Consumer Discretionary. I think I should try to increase the latter a bit

–in the secular growth part, I’ve got two tasks:

—-look at the carnage of the past two days and see if I can rearrange the furniture, that is, upgrade what I hold by buying things that have sold off a lot and selling things that have held up;

—-more important, I have to go through the portfolio name by name and ask myself how each company will fare as/when the economy returns to normal. For example, as/when we see an expansion of in-store shopping, what does this mean for online. How is a smaller pie split among, say, Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, Etsy…? I don’t own any of these, but my guess is that none would be stars but they’d rank from best to worst: AMZN, WMT?, SHOP?, ETSY.

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