Keeping Score

About four months a go, I wrote a series of posts outlining how I would go about setting up the equity portion of an individual portfolio for someone more or less like me.

My newest page, Keeping Score, is the place where I intend to report on and analyze performance of my suggestions.  My first report appears there today.  The performance calculation isn’t made using daily linked returns, so it probably doesn’t have enough decimal points to satisfy an institutional client.  But I think it’s basically correct and good enough for just about anyone else.  (Of course, before you put too much credence in anything I write, you should read my Disclaimer.)

I’ve also realized that I should write a series of posts about the practical aspects of portfolio management–how often to evaluate performance, what to do when things start to go wrong…  These should begin to appear in the next couple of weeks.

Here’s the link.

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