Macau gambling and the Chinese economy

March 2013 Macau gaming results

The Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau has just released its report on the gambling take of casinos in the SAR during March 2013.  The figure is eye-popping.  Last month gamblers exited Macau;s gambling palaces with their wallets lighter by 31.3 billion patacas (US$3.9 billion).

how good is that?

–P31.3 billion is an all-time monthly record for casino win in Macau.

–It represents a 25.4% improvement over the comparable period of 2012.

–The year-on-year gain is the highest for the SAR since January 2012, after which the Chinese economy–and the Macau casinos–began to falter.

–March is also up 15%+ vs. February, which runs contrary to Macau’s (admittedly short) pattern of flattish month-on-month comparisons in the first quarter.


This is great for the Macau casino industry, and especially for the firms that have recently added capacity, mostly in Cotai, to accommodate extra gamblers.

At the same time, the Macau gambling results give us a good idea about how well-to-do Chinese citizens feel about their economy, their personal earning prospects and their degree of comfort with the newly-installed government.  It’s a solid thumbs-up on all counts.

The figures also suggest that in its newly-launched anti-corruption, anti-ostentation campaign, Beijing is aiming at much bigger fish than high-roller casino patrons.

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