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I’m going back to school!

Last week I started a full-time MFA program.  Given how long it has been since I’ve been in a classroom as a student, I anticipate I’ll need some of the ten hours or so a week I’m spending on Practical Stock Investing.  So I’m going to cut back to two posts a week–Monday and Thursday–and see how that goes.

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  1. very cool, I think. The MFA sounds like a different line of inquiry, but you were a philosophy student long ago…or something different.

    • Hi Joel,

      It’s a bit scary to think how far back our Value Line days were.

      I got interested in photography about five years ago and have been steadily taking classes since. At this point, I think the fastest way for me to get better is to study full-time with working artists. Not much different from starting out to be an analyst or PM. In this case, though, the challenge is to make the right side of my brain work after decades of leaning heavily on the left.

      I did spend six years in the 1970s doing philosophy, mostly German, in grad school at what was the last bastion of European Continental thought in the US. Luckily I couldn’t find a teaching job when I finished in 1978. I’m now starting to read the French post-modernists my comp lit friends adored back then and I turned my nose up at. So far, they’re not so bad.

      Good to hear from you.


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